Inwood Jews

All Types of Jews. Coming Out of the Woodwork.


Inwood Jews is the only Jewish organization devoted to Inwood, Manhattan.

Northern Manhattan has the fastest growing Jewish population in all of New York City, with a growth of 144% in the past nine years.

Inwood Jews is also the hottest group in all of Manhattan.  A front page article in The Jewish Week about the growth of Inwood along with a feature on our group, two full page exclusive features on our group in the New York Daily News, coverage in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Jewish Press, Tablet Magazine, Haaretz, and an interview on Zev Brenner's Talkline has put Inwood Jews on the map.  Recently, Inwood Jews was highlighted on Nachum Segal's JM in the AM for the changes that are happening in Northern Manhattan.

It is part of the charge to bring Judaism to Northern Manhattan with fresh, out-of-the-box events.  It has brought out 550 Jewish people of all stripes and flavors and intends to build a Jewish center for all Jews, outward and inward, in Inwood.

Chabad of Inwood, formerly known as Inwood Jews, is the only Jewish organization devoted solely to the Jewish community in Inwood, Manhattan.

Chabad of Inwood works directly under the auspices of Chabad of the West Side.